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Mdm Misah, aged 64, lives in a simply furnished three-room flat with her husband and her 17-year-old adopted son.

Previously, Mdm Misah’s family was living a simple and comfortable life. Her salary as an assistant teacher and her husband’s salary as a coffee shop cleaner was enough for the family to get by each month. However, things took a sharp turn for the worse when Mdm Misah went to visit the hospital in February 2021. She was diagnosed with a series of illnesses including Stage 4 Lung Cancer, diabetes and high cholesterol. This has been affecting her daily activities as she constantly feels weak and her vision has been cloudy lately. In addition to Mdm Misah’s medical conditions, her husband suffers from hemophilia and a stroke in 2009. Hence, both of them require frequent medical follow-ups at the hospital.

Mdm Misah is now taking chemo tablets daily in hopes that it weakens the cancer cells and the tumor in her lungs shrinks. Due to the chemo tablets, she often experience severe side effects that makes it difficult to get by each day. Even with so much to handle, Mdm Misah chose to remain positive and hopeful for her family.

During her recent medical follow-up, her doctor shared that the chemo tablets has been effective and her condition has slightly improved. However, the chemo tablet would cost her $2,800 a month, even after government subsidies. Mdm Misah’s older children are also helping to chip in as much as they can to care for her. Unfortunately, the family barely has enough savings to cover her high medical cost.

Hence, Ray of Hope would like to raise $14,000 to help Mdm Misah with her chemo tablets ($2,800 x 5 months).

*Mdm Misah has applied for social assistance and is currently awaiting for approval.

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