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Campaign Story

60-year-old Mdm Rafiah suffers from multiple health conditions such as high cholesterol, hypertension and diabetes. She was diagnosed with cataract and had to go through an amputation due to complications from her diabetes. Despite her declining health, Mdm Rafiah cares for her two grandchildren, aged 7 and 15, during the weekdays.

Mdm Rafiah’s husband is the sole provider of the family. He works as a security guard earning about $1,600 per month, working 5 days a week on a 12 hour shift. The 66-year-old breadwinner suffers from high cholesterol and diabetes as well. Due to a heart attack he suffered from 10 years ago, Mdm Rafiah’s husband had to go through coronary angioplasty to open a blockage in his coronary artery. Instead of resuming with further medical treatments, he chooses to continue working to provide for the family. Unfortunately, his salary is only enough to cover the family’s monthly expenses.

Floor tiles spontaneously cracked and shattered

Recently, Mdm Rafiah’s tiles in her living room and two of her bedrooms has expanded. Subsequently, the tiles cracked and popped causing her floor to be uneven and with broken pieces of tiling all over. Mdm Rafiah shared that she had never had problems with the flooring before, which is the original flooring that was installed by HDB 20 years ago.

After the incident, Mdm Rafiah contacted HDB. However, she was informed by HDB that the 15-year warranty coverage for the floor tiles had expired. Thus, HDB would not be able to help them cover their repairs. HDB has managed to help her clear the dislodged tiles. Mdm Rafiah is worried for her grandchildren’s safety as there are still fragments and sharp edges of tiles on the floor, making it unsafe for the family to get around. As an amputee, Mdm Rafiah also has trouble getting around the house.

Ray of Hope would like to raise $4,700 to help Mdm Rafiah with the following:

  1. Supply and installation of vinyl tiles: $3,300
  2. Hack and chip existing floor tiles: $450
  3. Clear rubbish and debris: $200
  4. Cement screed to make level: $750

Payment will be made directly to the vendor.

*Mdm Rafiah is not receiving financial assistance from SSO.

  • August 24, 2021

    An update on Mdm Rafiah

    Dear donors Thank you for your support to Mdm Rafiah thus far. As the campaign is still far from it’s target, Ray of Hope has decided to extend the campaign till the end of the year. Mdm Rafiah has also shared with our case worker that she has been saving…
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