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Mdm Rosnah suffers from kidney disease and relies on dialysis thrice a week to manage her chronic condition. She was also diagnosed with various conditions including diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, heart and neurological issues. Due to the severity of her diabetes, Mdm Rosnah underwent an amputation on her left leg and her eyesight has also deteriorated rapidly. Still, the resilient lady is managing her activities of daily living by herself. Recently, she suffered a bad fall while she was crossing the road and was hospitalised.

The 49-year-old single mum was divorced last year, and is supported by her 30-year-old son. Mdm Rosnah stays in a two-room rental flat with her elderly mother and son. She has unemployed for three years and her son who works as an Admin Assistant is the sole breadwinner of the family. Mdm Rosnah’s mother suffers from diabetes, heart issues, cholesterol and hypertension too.

Due to the complications of her condition, Mdm Rosnah was not accepted by a non-profit organisation providing dialysis services. She now attends attends dialysis three a week at a private dialysis centre and pays $140.33/session. However, she is receiving some subsidies from the non-profit organisation. Mdm Rosnah attends 13 sessions of dialysis in a month.

Mdm Rosnah devotes her time meaningful to help the other families staying in the same rental block. “We are all going through hard times, but we can help one another. When I volunteer, I forget my problems and remember that I can help someone too.” Mdm Rosnah told the caseworkers.

Ray of Hope wishes to raise $3,648.58 to support Mdm Rosnah’s dialysis fees for 2 months (26 sessions). Your giving may not immediately eradicate Mdm Rosnah’s poverty, but it will encourage her to fight another day in her life! 


*Mdm Rosnah is receiving social assistance.

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