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31-year-old Mdm Suriarni lives together with her future spouse and two children in a one-room rental flat. Mdm Suriarni’s future spouse, Mr Rizal, suffers from chronic asthma which causes constant chest pains and breathing difficulty. He was previously admitted to the ICU thrice and is now monitoring his health very closely. Hence, he finds it challenging to sustain employment due to his declining health. Mr Rizal currently works as an ad-hoc cleaner to help lessen the family’s financial burden.

Mdm Suriarni recently gave birth to her daughter who suffers from Tetralogy of Fallot, a birth defect that affects normal blood flow through the heart. Her newborn is scheduled for an operation in the next few months. Without the operation, her newborn’s life expectancy may decrease drastically. With the addition of her newborn, Mdm Suriarni is worried about how her family would get by financially. The family now is relying on assistance from the Social Service Office (SSO) and other in-kind donations. However, the assistance is barely sufficient for the family to get by each month.

Mdm Suriarni hopes to return to work to share the financial load with her spouse when their baby has completed the operation and is enrolled in infant care.

Ray of Hope would like to support Mdm Suriarni by raising $2,000 ($500 x 4 months) to cover the family’s grocery expenses. Your donations would greatly help a family struggling to get by!

*Mdm Suriarni is receiving financial assistance from the government.



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Clarrisa Ho

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It’s not easy but there is help for you. Keep faith and give your best!



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Firman Shah

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I hope things get better for you all soon. Take care and stay safe!


Donne Lee

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Donne Lee

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