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Mdm Tania came to Singapore in 2007 and is now under Long Term Visit Pass (LTVP+). She is also a caring mother to her 9-year-old son. Mdm Tania was previously working as a cooking assistant for a year, earning around $1,100 per month. Her husband has been working as a machine mover for the past six years, earning around $1,400 per month. The couple was able to provide for the family comfortably with their income and did not have to worry much about their expenses. They even managed to secure a BTO flat, in hopes of moving out of their 2-room rental flat and owning their dream home.

However, Mdm Tania had to put her dream home on hold when she was diagnosed with leukemia on February 2020. She now has to go through two chemotherapy sessions per week and is taking numerous medications to help her get through the day. Due to the side effects of the chemotherapy and medications, Mdm Tania had to leave her job. She shared that the chemotherapy has weaken her legs and she often needs a wheelchair to get around.

Mdm Tania shared that she has been feeling stressed due to the high medical cost she has incurred the past year. As she is under LTVP+, Mdm Tania does not qualify for medical subsidies. The family is now dependent on her husband’s salary to get by each month. Unfortunately, the family barely has enough savings to cover her high medical cost.

Ray of Hope would like to support Mdm Tania by raising $3,750 ($750 x 5 months) to defray her living expenses. 

*Mdm Tania’s social assistance ended in April 2021. She is planning to renew her financial assistance soon.

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