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The struggles to be reintegrated into society

In many communities, the social stigma towards ex-offenders remain strong and they often face a tougher time seeking employment when they are shunned and rejected by society. The discrimination that they face constantly makes it difficult for them to move on in life.

Mr Vijay, 34, is one who faced difficulties reintegrating into society after his incarceration after being exposed to drugs. He told the case managers that drugs not only robbed him of his family, it also denied him of the job opportunities that he was exposed to prior to his incarceration. He shared with the case managers that the tense relationships he shares with his family members and the lack of social support from friends have also attributed to the emotional stress that he has been going through since his release.

Today, he is deeply remorseful for his actions and wants to take a clean break from drugs so that he can be re-accepted by his family and get his life back together.

Mr Vijay remains hopeful about his future

When the case managers met Mr Vijay, his joviality struck us almost immediately. Through our conversations with him, Mr Vijay told us that he used to be gainfully employed as a delivery driver, and was able to support himself financially with the income that he was earning. After his exposure to drugs, he felt completely helpless and relationships with his family members continued to sour and he lost his friends and friends.

Having received only secondary school education, Mr Vijay understands that it takes more than just determination to change the opinions that others have of him. As such, he is starting his forklift course next month. He also does not wish to remain as a delivery driver forever and aspires to be a store supervisor. Describing his incarceration as a bad chapter in his life, Mr Vijay hopes to be able to move on in his life.

Mr Vijay confided that it hasn’t been an easy journey for him since his release, having to readapt in almost every aspect of his life. Nonetheless, Mr Vijay chooses to remain positive and still has high hopes about his future. He also wishes to try his best to salvage his strained relationships with his family members.

In his attempt to be self-resilient, Mr Vijay has attended several job interviews and will be able to start work in January 2019. Thus, he would like to appeal for the financial support to make ends meet during this period.

Financial Breakdown

ROHI would like to raise $750 ($250 x 3 months) to help Mr Vijay with his meal expenses before he starts working in January 2019. Please give hope and donate to help Mr Vijay!

*Mr Vijay is currently not receiving public assistance from the Social Service Office (SSO).



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