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Campaign Story

Ahamed Mukter was employed as a General Worker and had worked for 10 months before the accident. On 5th October 2020, the 39-year-old was walking up the stairway carrying a load of planks. There was a misstep due to the heavy load and he fell backward, injuring his back badly. Although Mukter was treated at the hospital, the severity of his injury also required further treatment. Unfortunately, his employer had refused to issue the Letter of Guarantee (LOG) for him to proceed with his MRI. Helpless, the injured worker continued to live in pain and uncertainty of when he would get well enough to work again.

Back home in Bangladesh, Mukter was supporting his wife and two school-going children, 15 and 8. As the sole breadwinner, he worries constantly about providing support for his family, all the more so as he has sent nothing substantial home for the past few months. He also has to bear the burden of his ongoing $2,400 debt. He incurred the debt when he took a loan for the agent’s fees in coming to Singapore to work. He lamented that his home was a zinc-roofed house with zinc walls. It’s winter now and the walls weren’t able to keep the cold wind out.

Mukter was previously supported by his employer who paid for his rent. Unfortunately, his employer has stopped paying for his rent for the past two months, and Mukter is now on the verge of losing the roof over his head.

Ray of Hope would like to support Mukter by raising $3,160 to help the injured worker and his family with the following:

  • Living expenses: $2,700 ($900 x 3 months)
  • Rent arrears: $460 ($230 x 2 months)
  • April 23, 2021

    Funds fully disbursed to Mukter

    Ray of Hope has fully disbursed the funds from Mukter’s campaign to him over two months – $1,130 in March 2021 and $1,230 in April. The injured worker who lost the ability to support his family as the sole breadwinner, is immensely grateful to the donors for sending hope to…
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