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Nora lives in a one-room rental flat with her uncle, eldest daughter and her 3 grandchildren aged 7, 6 and 3. Although Nora has six children, only two of them support her financially. Her eldest daughter is the sole breadwinner of the family, and Nora receives $150 monthly from her second son. Nora shares with the caseworkers that the rest of her children do not visit her at all. Two of her children are under the custody of her ex-husband, and her aunt is supporting two of them.

Nora was previously employed as a part-time cleaner. Unfortunately, her contract was not renewed. She also could not find another employment due to her caregiving duties to her uncle with no family support. Her 56-year-old uncle was diagnosed with Stage 3 Nasopharyngeal Cancer. Although he has undergone chemotherapy and radiotherapy for his condition, he was certified unfit for employment for three months until September 2021.

Family of 6 relies on sole income of Nora’s daughter

Nora’s 30-year-old daughter, divorced, works as a pest controller to provide for the family. However, her income of $1,100 is barely sufficient to meet the family’s needs as she does not receive regular maintenance for the children. Although the family also receives some assistance from MUIS, their assistance is ending next month.

With the entire family relying on her daughter for sustenance, Nora hopes to supplement the family’s household income once her uncle’s health improves. However, with the Covid-19 heightened alert, she worries about employment uncertainty, especially during this difficult time of the pandemic.

Ray of Hope wishes to raise $1,800 ($450 x 4 months) to support Nora. The financial aid will help Nora with her groceries while she renews her SSO assistance.  


*Nora is renewing her assistance which ended in June 2021.

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