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Campaign Story

The Struggle

Ayuni is a 18 year old single mum to her 2-months old baby. The mum was working as a banquet server prior to her pregnancy and was able to support herself financially. When the case workers met Ayuni, she confided in us that it has been tough trying to manage everything on her own ever since her mum was incarcerated. But the 18-year-old credit this to the strong support and love that her aunt and uncle has been showering her with since she moved in to their rental flat about a year ago.

Looking back, Ayuni is thankful for her aunt and uncle who took her in and have taken great care of her and her newborn despite their own struggles. Ayuni’s aunt who used to work as Grab Food delivery is now unable to do so due to the ban of the electric scooters. As such, her family is relying on the sole income of her husband to support her family. Even with 5 mouths to feed and 3 school-going children to support, Ayuni’s aunt has never stopped trying her best to provide for her since she moved in to stay with them.


Help Needed – Give Hope

Ayuni has an elder brother who is currently incarcerated. She confided in us that she often feels like giving up, especially when things are financially stretched for her during this period when she is unable to work due to her caregiving duties and she feels bad imposing on her aunt. Nonetheless, the 18-year-old is determined to live her life well and be strong for her child, having learnt things the hard way growing up in a dysfunctional family. She also hopes to return to the workforce after her child reaches the age to be enrolled in infant care.


Financial Breakdown

Ray of Hope would like to raise $1,200 ($300 x 4 months) to help Ayuni with her groceries expenses as well as her baby’s diapers costs.


*Ayuni is currently not receiving public assistance as it has ended in November 2019.

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