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Campaign Story

Hari Raya is  a celebration where families gather to mark the end of Ramadhan, a time where Muslims worldwide abstain from food from dawn to dusk. One of the main objectives of fasting is to help better empathise with the less fortunate. While many families have the privilege to celebrate Hari Raya, many of our beneficiaries do not have the luxury to do so.







Mdm Rokiah, who is featured in our Raya for Hope video, is caring for her 32-year-old daughter with cerebral palsy and her 7-year-old granddaughter. This Hari Raya, Mdm Rokiah hopes her family will get to enjoy the festivities. All she asks for this year is to be able to buy new sets of Raya clothes for her daughter and granddaughter and to enjoy some cookies.

Ray of hope is raising S$14,000 so that 30 families (72 children and 61 adults), can celebrate Hari Raya with dignity, pride and joy.  Each family will receive different amounts depending on the size of their household. Mdm Rokiah with a family of 3, will receive S$360 that can defray her clothing and groceries expenses.

As we indulge in the festive season, let’s not forget that a little goes a long way.

Let us bring happiness to Mdm Rokiah and other beneficiaries as they celebrate Hari Raya with Hope.

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