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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many working citizens were faced with the fear of wage cut or the possibility of being dismissed from their jobs. 35-year-old Rita was one of those who were affected by the pandemic. Before the pandemic, Rita was employed as a full-time cashier, earning around $1,300 per month. Unfortunately, Rita was forced to take up the part-time shifts during the circuit breaker period. This resulted in a decrease in her salary to $300 a month. After much contemplation, Rita decided to quit and seek for new employment in hopes of a better salary.

However, the journey of securing a new job in the current economy has been an uphill battle. Rita’s husband works as a waiter and is currently the sole provider of the family. Unfortunately, his salary is hardly enough to cover the couple’s living expenses each month. The couple has cut out a lot of their expenses and is thrifty with their spending.

Rita hopes to supplement the family’s household income as soon as possible. However, with the current Covid-19 heightened alert, she is worried about the uncertainty of finding employment in this challenging environment.

Ray of Hope would like to raise $1,600 ($400 x 4 months) to help Rita with her living expenses while she seeks new employment. 


*Rita’s SSO assistance has ended in July 2021 and is pending renewal.

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