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In 2014, Rubel took up a hefty bank loan of S$12,000 for his agent fee that was required in order to work in Singapore. He was working as a General Worker in a shipyard to support his family of 5 back in Bangladesh. The 27-year-old works 7 days a week, starting work as early as 7:30am each day.

With his salary of $800, Rubel had sent remittances home to his elderly parents and repay his loans. His salary also supported the two school-going daughters (12 & 10) of his deceased sister. Unfortunately, he met with a nasty accident at his workplace and has not worked for more than a year now.

On 23rd February 2021, Rubel was using a water blasting gun when he slipped and lost control of the gun. The 35,000psi water blast hit his right hand, causing internal damage and pain that persist to this day. Rubel was also only treated six hours after he was sent to the hospital. His recovery process was also affected by the Covid-19 lockdown that took place in April 2020. As he was confined to the dormitory, he could not go for any physiotherapy sessions at the hospital.

Although his injured back, shoulders and legs have recovered, he is still unable to bend his right fingers fully due to the delayed treatment. This also possibly means that Rubel may not be able to continue working in the shipyard where he needs to operate heavy duty equipment and machinery.

The 27-year-old was the main breadwinner of his family and elderly parents. He has been unable to send any remittances home to his family who is living in debts. Ray of Hope wishes to raise $3,720 to help Rubel and his family with their living expenses for 4 months ($930 x 4 months).

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