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Campaign Story

Ray of Hope previously assisted Mdm Rumi and raised $3,500 for the single mum who was struggling with her living expenses while she was undergoing divorce. The 35-year-old is currently staying in an open market rental flat with her elderly mother and two children, 6 and 1.

The case workers recently caught up with Mdm Rumi who has been in distress with her ongoing divorce as her husband has refused to provide regular financial support through maintenance. Due to her caregiving duties to her two children, Mdm Rumi has also been unsuccessful with securing an employment.

Mdm Rumi told us that it has been a struggle for her financially without a full-time job. Her elder daughter, who is due to start Primary School next year, is currently attending full-time private childcare as there is no non-private childcare near their home. Mdm Rumi hopes to enrol her younger daughter in the same school, in hopes that this would ease her caregiving duties of fetching her children after work, once she secures full-time employment. This would then enable Mdm Rumi to focus on providing for the family when her children are in school.

Ray of Hope would like to raise $2,260 to help Mdm Rumi with the following:

  1. Childcare registration fee (one-time) – $760 (payable in September for October intake)
  2. Groceries expenses – $1,500 ($500 x 3 months)


*Mdm Rumi is receiving social assistance.

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