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The struggle after escaping abuse by husband

Sharifah is a single mum to 3 children, aged 7, 4 and 3. The 22 year old who used to work as an Assistant Teacher decided to end an abusive relationship with her ex-husband to protect her children. Although Sharifah has since moved out of her flat to stay with her parents as she is currently awaiting for her divorce to be finalized, the single mum is struggling with her children’s milk and diapers expenses as she has another two brothers who are also being supported by her parents.

Sharifah’s dad works as a technician and her mum works as a part-time cleaner, bringing home around $2,300 each month. Sharifah’s elderly grandmother is also staying with the family now.

My parents may be working but I know it’s hard for them, so I got to find a way out for me and my children”, Sharifah told the case workers.

In spite of her financial hardship, Sharifah is determined to seek employment so that she can be financially independent to be able to support her children. Relying on her assistance of $600 that is ending in May and with a third of it going towards her children’s milk and diapers, Sharifah hopes to upgrade herself in hope of returning to the industry after she completes the course. She has since applied for a course on early childhood.

Financial Breakdown

Ray of Hope would like to raise $800 ($200 x 4 months) to help defray Sharifah’s expenses for her children’s milk and diapers. Your donations can give hope to Sharifah 


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Pray and do your best, God will do the rest. Peace!



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Be strong. Every new day brings hope



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Amalan tarik rezeki. :) 1. Solat Dhuha 2. Solat Taubat 3. Istighfar

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