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Campaign Story

The Struggle

Like most of us, 61-year-old Mr Ng also wishes to have more than just a roof over his head to shelter him from rain and shine. The elderly who used to work as a cleaner with an income of $1,300 took pride in what he did as he was able to support himself financially and did not need to rely on financial assistance. However, as his health deteriorated over the years, he was forced to stop working, especially as his eyesight began failing, making it dangerous for him to travel to work by himself. Mr Ng suffered a second stroke in 2017, which resulted in his failing eyesight while struggling with his other medical conditions like heart blockage and arthritis.

Give Hope to the lonely elderly

Since he stopped work, there was no source of income for him and he could only rely on the $400 assistance from the Social Service Office (SSO) that ended in December 2018. Life without any income is especially tough, as Mr Ng recalled the earlier days when he was homeless and he could not even afford a loaf of bread. Mr Ng’s friend then offered to take him and just as the elderly thought that he can now have a roof over his head, it was known to him that his friend was diagnosed with mental issues and has the tendency of over-drinking, and even at risk of alcohol intoxication.

Since then, Mr Ng has been fearing for his own safety and staying out of his home. Mr Ng now spends most of his time at the elderly centre where he gets to mingle with other elderly. However, he is worried about how he can move on. Mr Ng wishes to apply for his own rental flat and is being assisted by his social worker on the application procedures.

Financial Breakdown

ROHI would like to raise $1,200 ($300 x 4 months) to help Mr Ng with his food and sundry expenses as his SSO assistance has ended in December. There will be a processing time before his assistance is renewed.

*Mr Ng is currently receiving public assistance of $400 from the Social Service Office (SSO).




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