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Campaign Story

The Struggle

Sarah* is a single mum to her two daughters age 10 and 9. Safiah was subjected to the physical and verbal abuse from her ex-husband since she was pregnant with their first child who turns 10 this year. The single mum recalled incidents when her ex-husband had returned home drunk in the middle of the night and throw a tantrum at her. If his tantrums were left ignored, he would turn aggressive and drag her out of the house, refusing her entry back home despite her pregnancy. Every day was nothing more than just a nightmare that Sarah never found herself looking forward to.


Help Needed – Give Hope

The 37-year-old struggled with depression and anxiety issues. Her mental state of health worsened when her ex-husband continuously harassed her at her workplace despite her wanting to stay her life afresh. She cited numerous incidents of harassment when more than 40 prank calls were made. Inevitably, she had to leave her employment and once again, she was back at the same point where she was. Sarah vividly recalled the hurdles she encountered at every turn of her life, and how she was constantly feeling discouraged. Thankfully, she had the support of her family who were constantly standing by her.

It has been a painful struggle for Sarah to step out of her misery to pick herself up once again. She is thankful for the second chance that was given to her and hopes to be a strong mum for her children. Sarah has since found meaningful work that allows her to help other ladies in need.

Even as things are slowly picking up for her, Sarah has incurred some legal fees in the process of her divorce. She will not be able to continue with her divorce if the outstanding fees are unpaid.


Financial Breakdown

Ray of Hope would like to support Sarah by raising $5,500 for her legal fees, as she tries to work her way for her two daughters. Payment will be made to the law firm directly.


*Client’s name has been changed to protect her identity.

**Sarah is currently not receiving SSO assistance.

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