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Campaign Story

He was the sole breadwinner of his 8 kids until a motorbike accident threw his family’s life into disarray. Mdm Anita’s husband used to work as a lorry driver on a contract basis and could earn a salary sufficient to feed his 8 children back home.  Now, the father of 8 has just undergone his 4th surgery and is still recuperating from severe limb injury. He is unable to move around independently and has to be reliant on his wife for constant support and care. Mdm Anita is concerned about the expenses at home and is worried about putting food on the table for her 8 children, especially with her youngest at 4. The family has also accumulated a few months of arrears during this period of time.

Help Needed – Give Hope 

The thought of going back to work did cross Mdm Anita’s mind as after all, she used to work as a GRAB driver before her asthma conditions prevented her from doing so. However, it wasn’t a viable option now that she is appointed by the doctor as her husband’s main caretaker. The family is currently surviving on monthly state assistance but are struggling to get by, especially with 8 growing children. Moreover, out of her 8 kids, 4 of them has medical conditions. Her 16-year-old son was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in early childhood. Although he has been treated with chemotherapy, he requires cancer therapy and long term follow up to monitor his condition. Her pair of 12-year-old twins also suffer from eye conditions and require constant follow-up with the hospital. Mdm Anita’s 9-year-old son suffers from dyslexia and often has difficulties with learning at school.

Over the months, the family has also accumulated SP bills of over a thousand dollars.  With no source of income and her husband’s condition being on prolonged hospitalization leave, the family struggles with day to day living.

Financial Breakdown

Thus, ROHI would like to help give hope to Mdm Anita and her family during this period of time. Your $300 will help to defray a partial sum of their food expenses, where the bulk of it will go towards purchasing of groceries as the family cooks and seldom eats out to cut back on costs. ROHI is targeting to fundraise $1200.00 ($300 x 4 months).

*Mdm Anita and her family are currently receiving state assistance of $1500/ month.


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