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Every child is special, mine is no different – Mdm Kamariah’s story

Madam Kamariah, 42, is the main caregiver to her three children. Her youngest son, Hashim, 16, was diagnosed with Spastic Quadriplegia Cerebral Palsy at birth. He also has other multiple aliments.

Her husband, 47, works as a cargo operator to support the family. However, he only earns about S$1,500 and the family still struggles with their day to day expenses.

Madam Kamariah chooses to believe that although the birth of every child may not always be celebrated in the same way, Hashim came into the family as a gift and deserves the chance to be wanted and loved as part of the family despite being different from his siblings.

What is a Giving Circle?

A Giving Circle is a form of charitable giving where individuals give into a pooled fund set aside to meet the needs of a specific group of people or for a specific need.

How can you help others like Mdm Kamariah

By donating to a Special Needs Giving Circle, you will be making a difference to many more families like Mdm Kamarish, who need some extra help for their daily expenses.

How will the funds be utilised?

Ray of Hope will perform a detailed needs analysis to determine how the money each family will receive. Generally speaking, the donations are used for short-term financial assistance, paying HDB for a deposit for a flat, medical needs, etc.

100% of the donations will be disbursed to the beneficiaries; Ray of Hope does not take any of the donations for our overheads. All beneficiaries that we are helping have also been verified with documentation and relevant checks with government authorities, so you know that your donation is going to the right families.

Regular updates & Thank you notes to donors who are part of the Giving Circle

As a member of this Giving Circle, you will receive regular updates on who received the donation, and how the funds are being utilised. From time to time, we also receive simple messages of thanks from the beneficiaries on how you have made an impact in their lives. We will also share them with you.

  • January 15, 2020

    Summary of Disbursements in 2019

    Thanks to donors’ support, we were able to top up and complete 2 campaigns in 2019 through disbursements totalling S$432.20.