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Campaign Story

Ray of Hope has previously assisted Mdm Noraini and raised S$2,000 to help her family with their grocery expenses. The caseworkers recently caught up with the resilient mum and understand that she needs assistance in purchasing milk and diapers for her two children.

Syakir, 4 years old, suffers from a long list of medical conditions including Williams Syndrome, Global Developmental Delay, otitis media with effusion as well as a mild hearing loss on his right ear. His mum, Mdm Noraini, who is his main caregiver certified by the doctor, spends all her time caring for the 4-year-old. Two months ago, Syakir has undergone surgery for his Adenotonsillar Hypertrophy condition and is currently being monitored for his heart condition. Mdm Noraini also has to care for her second son, Syahir.

Speaking to us on the phone, Mdm Noraini described the joy of having her two boys as a gift to their family. She believes that her love for her boys would outwin the family’s current financial situation as long as they work hard to keep things going.

Financial Struggle

Mdm Noraini’s husband works as a pest control technician and supports the family with his net income of $2,300. The current COVID-19 situation has resulted in a drop in her husband’s income due to lesser overtime hours clocked. The couple is now stuck in limbo as their SSO assistance is being rejected due to the income of the family’s sole breadwinner. Over the years, Mdm Noraini’s medical bills from her IVF have also snowballed into debts owing to various banks amounting to more than $50,000 which the couple is trying their best to repay each month.

Ray Of Hope is starting a second fundraiser for Mdm Noraini to help with her children’s milk and diapers purchases of $1,600($400 x 4 months). 

*Mdm Noraini is not receiving assistance from the SSO.

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