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Together we can! Let’s bring hope to Covid-19 affected families 

Over 24,000 households in Singapore have less than $1,000 monthly income*. This low income group is especially vulnerable during this Covid-19 outbreak as many households have lost their incomes or had severe reduction in incomes. Some of them are not eligible for government schemes or the schemes are inadequate for those who qualify. Many of these low income families are struggling to make ends meet or even to put enough daily meals on the table.   

We are a group** of leading Singapore tech start-up Founders and Investors who have come together to do our part to help this low income group. We have benefited from what Singapore has given us. It is our turn to give back and help those who are financially vulnerable in this current situation. Our campaign, Tech SG Covid-19 Outreach, aims to raise $1,000,000. All the donations will go directly to Beyond Social Services to support its Covid-19 Family Assistance Fund.

We hope you can join us and generously make a donation. Those who are able to spare the $600 Solidarity Payment are encouraged to donate it to this cause. Every donation, regardless of the amount, goes a long way to help these vulnerable families to tide over this Covid-19 situation.

* Department of Statistics Singapore

** Core group comprising Individual Founders and Partners from the following companies.

About Beyond Social Services

Beyond serves over 3,000 families from low-income backgrounds. Most of Beyond’s members are employed in low-paid, precarious work; many are daily-rated, casual workers without benefits like paid medical leave. Many continue to struggle with work-care conflicts and disruptions. Many families who have never been on any financial aid schemes are now coming forward for support. Beyond recognises its members’ resilience but believes financial support is crucial during these exceptional times. As this crisis is expected to endure, Beyond continues to need more donations and intends to continue supporting families through the rest of this year.

Our FAMILY ASSISTANCE FUND will help families like June’s. A mother of seven children, she lost her cleaning job late last year when her contract was not renewed. Her husband, also a cleaner, is on medical leave. June is currently looking for work, and with no income, struggles to keep her children fed and occupied while schools are closed and they are all at home.

Dian, a mother of two, works as a school canteen assistant. She has lost her only source of income when schools closed. With her kids at home, they are consuming more (food as well as electricity), so costs have risen. She is already struggling with arrears for rent and utilities.

Mel has three kids in primary school. Her husband, a mover on a contract basis. lost his job when the company dismissed its contract staff because demand fell. While her husband looks for work, Mel is at home with her children as long as schools are closed. She is keen for food rations, but says that food distribution in her area has stopped for now. She has applied for government financial assistance, but requires some emergency funds urgently.

One member, a 23 year-old who works in a restaurant, is her family’s sole breadwinner: she supports her mother, her brother (who has special needs and requires milk and adult diapers), and her 5 year-old nephew.  With the restaurant sector suffering significant drops in revenue, she recently had her pay cut by about 20%. There is an underlying fear that job loss may be imminent if business continues to dive.

100% of funds collected through our COVID-19 FAMILY ASSISTANCE FUND will go to affected families.


Who are the recipients of this fund? 

Beyond is a charity dedicated to helping children and youths from less privileged backgrounds break away from the poverty cycle. These young people are from low-income families living in public rental blocks. We are currently working in 5 neighbourhoods reaching families in 63 blocks.

How will the funds collected be used?

All donations to this fund will go towards the families whose household income and employment have been affected by the crisis. We disburse it in the form of cash and food vouchers. We do not use these funds for our general operations. Depending on the size and needs of the families, we will disburse $300 to $500 per month for 3 months to up to 600 families.

  • May 20, 2021

    Thank you donors!

    Last year, Beyond’s work focused on helping those who were badly hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, especially during the circuit breaker. We quickly reorganized ourselves to provide food and financial aid, digital devices, internet access, and employment to society’s most vulnerable. But the critical assistance we rendered was only possible…
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  • August 11, 2020

    Thank you, from Beyond Social Services

    Dear Donors, Thank you for your generosity and support of Beyond’s Covid-19 Response Fund. Through the collective efforts of donors, partners, and friends of Beyond, we have been able to distribute $1.48million to 1,155 families as at end July 2020. We are grateful to all who have contributed to our…
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