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Mr Azmin*, 36 years old, a Malaysian, is married to 36-year-old Mdm Farinah*, who is a Singaporean citizen with 6 children between the ages of 6 to 17 years old. The family of 8 currently lives in a 1 room rental flat.

Mr Azmin suffers from Elephantiasis and his left ankle and feet are extremely swollen and more than twice the size of a normal feet. He has been suffering from Elephantiasis since he was 18 years old after parasitic worms infected both his legs. Mr Azmin informed us that for 5 years he was bed bound as back then, both his legs were severely infected with Elephantiasis.

Doctors managed to save his right leg however, he was informed that there was nothing much they could do to salvage his left leg. Even though doctors managed to save his right leg, his toes are currently deformed. Due to the state of both his legs, Mr Azmin is unable to walk well and is mostly confined at home.

The Struggle

Mr Azmin is a doting stepfather to his 6 stepchildren. At home, he takes good care of them and heavily emphasize the need for them to do well in school. He wishes to be of better help to his wife in terms of caregiving duties however, his mobility is extremely limited due to his condition.

A motorized wheelchair will aid his mobility and act as his legs. With a motorized wheelchair, he will be able to send his stepchildren to school and do normal daily activities such as going to the supermarket and even cook. He will no longer be confined at home.

Give Hope – Help Needed

Due to his citizenship, Mr Azmin is not eligible for a subsidized motorized wheelchair.

Ray of Hope is fundraising S$1,800 to purchase a motorized wheelchair for Mr Azmin. The funds raised will be paid directly to the vendor. Please help Mr Azmin and his family out. He is currently confined at home and he wishes to be more helpful with caregiving duties!

* The family is receiving government financial assistance

* Name has been changed to protect the identity of the family

  • March 3, 2020

    Mr Azmin has received his motorised wheelchair!

    Dear Donors, Mr Azmin has received the motorised wheelchair. Attached is the receipt from the company that the wheelchair is from. We originally raised S$1,800. As the wheelchair costs S$1,250, the remaining S$550 was disbursed to his wife, Mdm Farinah, to defray their living expenses. They have moved to a…
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