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Campaign Story

Tumi, a fun and bubbly individual, has been working in Singapore for 17 years. She has been with her current employer since August 2020.
In November 2020, Tumi noticed a lump in her left breast. The polyclinic referred her for a mammogram and she was subsequently referred to a hospital to get scans and a biopsy done. The results showed that she has HER2 Breast Cancer (Stage 3), the most aggressive form of cancer. Subsequent tests also revealed that the cancer had spread to her lymph nodes. On 1st February 2021, Tumi underwent a left mastectomy to remove the cancer cells.
Post-surgery, Tumi requires six months of chemotherapy, 18 injections of anti-HER2 jabs and radiotherapy. However, Tumi’s insurance has a maximum cover of S$20,000, which is insufficient to cover the entire course of treatment. The estimated cost of each three-week cycle is S$2,100. Tumi will complete her first month of chemotherapy at the end of May and will also have received her 4th injection by then.
Tumi’s husband, son, daughter-in-law and two grandchildren are all back home in Indonesia. Her husband suffers from diabetes and lung issues and has been unable to work. Unfortunately, Tumi can no longer send money to support her family until she recovers. Tumi’s son earns S$250/month from selling traditional medicine, which is all the income that the family has for now.
Next Steps
Estimated cost of Tumi’s treatment: S$43,000*  
  1. Radiotherapy sessions (estimated to be S$15,000)
  2. 14 anti-HER2 jabs x S$2,000 (S$28,000)
With the funds raised from this campaign, Tumi will be able to return to Indonesia in May 2021 to undergo treatment at a more affordable cost than in Singapore. We hope that Tumi will have a strong recovery and be able to work again in the future.
*Fees quoted are based on the costs in SGD. Any excess from the campaign will go towards the living expenses of Tumi’s family.

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