June 2, 2020

Updates on Vivian

The case worker visited Vivian with her nurse in end May. We were disheartened to hear from her that the last scans showed unfavourably and she’s now fighting in the final three months as her cancer has spread to her lungs, liver and bones. Quoting her, “I loved jogging, swimming and surfing. Now, walking myself to the toilet without falling is a big win for me”. Nonetheless, Vivian is trying her best to remain positive despite being visibly affected by her inability to support herself. Every step she takes now takes a toll on her.

Ray of Hope has since disbursed $1,880 for the payment to the employment of her caregiver. Unfortunately, the arrangement with her new caregiver had not worked out well and the caregiver has since left. The agency assisting Vivian is re-engaging a new caregiver to take care of Vivian who is now getting weaker by day. A group of us also put together a customised gift pack and masks for Vivian and we were glad it brought a smile on her face, as she described it to be a priceless gift that gives her hope! Vivian is immensely grateful for the assistance that has come through during this period.

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