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Grand-daughter struggles financially as she took on the caregiving role of looking after her grandmother

For more than five years, Yati was working as a home based masseur and earned between $200 to $300/day. Her husband, 38 years old, was also working as a customer service officer in a logistics company to support the family. Yati has two school-going children from previous marriages, and they are 14 and 6. Things were smooth-sailing for the couple when they got married in November last year, until Yati’s husband was retrenched. It was also a tough period as Yati then found her grandma, who was allegedly abandoned in Indonesia by her children.

Life after becoming a full-time caregiver hasn’t been easy, especially so without an income. Relying on an income of about $80/day from her husband who works does food delivery, Yati manages all the household expenses with careful planning.

“My husband rides a bicycle for work and comes home for lunch. He does not have much expenses for himself and passes me his daily pay to be used for home. When we have more cash, then we buy more for the house”, says Yati.


A supportive husband

“Yati has a very good heart and she is very filial. We know it’s very tough on us, but I would like to support her in her decision to look after her grandma”, says Yati’s husband, Fahmi. He added on that the couple has been supporting each other in their daily errands to run, including bringing Yati’s grandma to get her immigration documents so that they can apply for financial assistance from the hospital. Fahmi is also seeking full-time employment so that he can bring home a stable income.

“My grandma is a Singaporean but has been away for more than 5 years. We need to settle her immigration issues so that she can stay here with ease and so we can apply for help for her. When we have a medical social worker, we will not need to worry about my grandma’s medical bills which are now at more than $3,000.”, Yati told the case workers.


Give hope to a helpless caregiver by donating to her family

Ray of Hope would like to raise $1,200 ($300 x 4 months) to help Yati defray her groceries costs and expenses for her grandma’s diapers. Please donate to help ease the financial burden for a filial grand-daughter!


*Yati has applied for social assistance, and her application is being processed. The processing time is at least 4 to 6 weeks.

Donated S$1,200.00 March 02, 2020

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