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A Caregiver’s Struggle

Ray of Hope previously assisted Mr Lim and Mdm Goh and raised $1,320 for their living expenses. Mr Lim, 67, has been battling colorectal cancer and post-stroke recovery for more than a decade. However, he was never getting better. Today, he is completely bedridden and is dependent on his wife, Mdm Goh for his day-to-day needs. Despite the physical exhaustion of being her husband’s sole caregiver, Mdm Goh has never complained or stopped caring for Mr Lim although she suffers from a host of medical conditions herself. Mdm Goh suffers from a weak heart and severe breathlessness. Her polio condition also restricts her leg movements and she walks with a permanent limp.

Mr Lim and Mdm Goh are staying with their daughter and son-in-law in the flat that they own and fully paid for. Yet, they are often confined to their small bedroom which is the only space in their 3-room flat which truly belongs to them. The small space has everything, ranging from rice cooker to Mr Lim’s medications and tins of milk that he is consuming daily. The elderly couple confided in the case workers that they are not supported by their daughter and son-in-law due to their estranged relationship. It also pains them deeply that they do not share a close relationship with their grandchildren when all they wish is to have family support.

The case workers recently met the couple, and was updated by them that their SSO assistance renewal has been rejected since June 2019, after they received their last payout of $590. Their renewal request was rejected due to the fact that they (Mdm Goh) is receiving a minimal CPF monthly payout of $250 and also as they staying with their son-in-law who is helping to pay for their utilities bills. Their son-in-law has also stopped paying the bills, and this has resulted in an outstanding amounting owing to SP Services. The assistance that they were receiving from SSO had helped defray some of the expenses for Mr Lim’s other medical needs (catheter and Ensure milk supply) which are not covered by Medisave.

Financial Breakdown

Mr Lim and Mdm Goh’s social worker is currently assisting them to appeal for their SSO assistance renewal. In the meantime, Ray of Hope would like to raise $1,380 ($276 x 5 months) so that he does not need to worry about not being to afford the Ensure milk that is the only form of nutrient that he is only able to consume now.


*Mr Lim and Mdm Goh are not receiving any SSO assistance. They are receiving a quarterly Silver Support payout of $600 each.

  • March 13, 2020

    3rd Disbursement

    The case workers visited Mr Lim and Mdm Goh last week for their disbursement, and were updated that Mr Lim was hospitalized recently due to his colon issues and he was also running a high fever. He is now thankful to be back home, and his health has stabilized for…
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  • January 23, 2020

    2nd disbursement & Hong Bao for Hope 2020

    The case workers visited the elderly couple for their disbursement today. Mr Lim and Mdm Goh have also received funds from the Hong Bao for Hope campaign. Unlike other clients who will be celebrating CNY with their family, the couple will not be having any reunion dinner with their daughter…
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  • December 5, 2019

    1st disbursement

    Mr Lim has received the donations for the first month and wishes to thank the donors for reaching out to him.

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