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Campaign Story

The Struggle

Mr Cheng, 66 years old, used to be a healthy individual who has worked for more than four decades as a wholesaler. Mr Cheng is married to an Indonesian and has 4 children aged 16, 14, 11 and 7 years old. The family used to reside in Indonesia before moving back to Singapore after their second child was born. Among his four children, only one of them is a Singaporean while the rest are Indonesians.

Residing in a cramped 1-room rental flat, the father of four children spoke to the case workers about how difficult life has been for them since they moved back. When the case workers visited their home, they could not help but notice that the entire flat only has one light bulb, and the environment is unconducive for his young children, especially when the school-going boy needs to do his homework. Mr Cheng also told us that his 42-year-old wife has previously applied for a Long-Term Visit Pass (LTVP) so that she can work to support the family. Unfortunately, her application was rejected as only one of their children holds a Singapore citizenship. Their application for their children’s Students’ Pass was also rejected.

Help Needed – Give Hope

It’s not easy bringing up 4 children, especially when the family has been undergoing a difficult time coping financially since Mr Cheng had to stop working due to his ailing health about 3 years back. With a host of medical issues to deal with himself, Mr Cheng feels extremely helpless about not bringing food to the table for his family. Mr Cheng is diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), high blood pressure and high cholesterol. The 66-year-old also has cataracts on both his eyes. Some of his left toes were also amputated back in 2017 due to his diabetes, which is currently controlled by medication. Since his amputation surgery, Mr Cheng has been unable to stand for too long and still walks around with a limp.

With the help of his social workers, Mr Cheng is appealing for his wife’s Long-Term Visit Pass so that she will be able to engage in some form of employment to sustain some income for the family. In regards to the Student’s Pass for his two younger children, they have also submitted an appeal against the rejection. The family has been fighting hard on their appeals, in the hope of sending the children back to school one day so that they will not be deprived of the chance to attend school.

Financial Breakdown

Mr Cheng is currently receiving a quarterly CPF payout of $750 and has appealed to SSO for assistance. He also understands that even if his SSO application is approved, it would only be for his Singaporean son and himself.

ROHI would like to raise S$1,800 ($300 x 6 months) for Mr Cheng’s family while they appeal to the various agencies for help. We hope that the amount can help to defray the family’s food and sundry expenses. Please donate to give hope to the family struggling to make ends meet!

  • October 30, 2019

    5th disbursement

    The case workers met Mr Cheng yesterday. He updated us that he will be undergoing more checks as he is being suspected of having kidney issues. His SSO assistance also ended in August, and he has been unable to renew as he could not obtain the doctor's letter which certifies…
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  • September 9, 2019

    4th disbursement

    The case workers met Mr Cheng for his 4th disbursement today. He shared with us that his SSO assistance has lapsed as he is currently awaiting for his next doctor's review before he could have the doctor's letter for his assistance renewal. In the meantime, his second son who is…
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  • July 22, 2019

    3rd disbursement

    Mr Cheng has received his 3rd cheque disbursement recently. He wishes to thank the donors for reaching out to him! We understand that his 2 schooling kids are coping well back in Indonesia, while his 2nd son is doing well in school here in Singapore. Mr Cheng is currently still…
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  • July 5, 2019

    2nd disbursement made to Mr Cheng

    The case workers visited Mr Cheng at his home yesterday. We understand that 3 of his 4 children have since returned to Indonesia, and have started schooling as well. Hence, only his 2nd son who is a Singaporean is studying in Singapore currently. Health wise, Mr Cheng updated us that…
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  • May 23, 2019

    First disbursement made to Mr Cheng

    The case workers visited Mr Cheng and handed his first cheque disbursement. Mr Cheng is thankful for the funds raised and groceries as well as school stationery that some sponsors have delivered. The father of 4 confided in us that he is intending to send his two youngest children back…
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