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“I am thankful when kind souls offer me food… When I do not get enough to eat, I rely on plain water. I find it pointless to receive treatment when I can’t even afford my daily living expenses…” – Mr Krishnan, 61 years old.

Most of us strive to work hard so that we can provide for our family and loved ones. We own homes to call our own, and we get to enjoy the company of our family and loved ones in the comfort of our homes.

Yet, there is the most vulnerable group within our community – group of needy elderly who are struggling with their basic needs, with minimal or no family support. These elderly were once able-bodied and able to support themselves like us, but are now fighting for their place in our society. Often, they struggle with chronic illnesses and mobility issues, and have no means to continue working to support themselves. One of such cases is 61-year-old Mr Krishnan. 


Help Needed – Give Hope

The 61-year-old used to be a healthy individual and worked as a cleaner to support himself. Since the onset of stroke in 2014, his mobility has been adversely affected and he is now wheelchair-bound. Mr Krishnan used to reside in their 1-room rental flat with his brother, but is now staying alone since his brother passed on. Mr Krishnan is the youngest in the family, and his 9 older siblings have all passed away.

Since his divorce many years back, Mr Krishnan has lost touch with his estranged children and they do not support him financially. Over the years, Mr Krishnan has been relying on public assistance for his living expenses and is struggling to make ends meet.


Financial Breakdown

Ray of Hope would like to raise $1,121.65 for Mr Krishnan’s living expenses ($150 x 5 months) and his medical arrears ($371.65). Payment will be made to the hospital directly.

Your giving may not immediately eradicate Mr Krishnan’s poverty, but by showing that we care, it will give the elderly some encouragement and the hope to fight another day in his life! 


*Mr Krishnan is currently receiving his meals on weekdays (excluding weekends) via meals-on-wheels and minimal public assistance.

  • September 13, 2019

    First disbursement made

    Mr Krishnan has received his first disbursement when the case workers visited him at home today. He told us that the money will be helpful for his daily living expenses since he is unfit for employment.

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