Migrant Workers

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An injured Anisul lives in distress with no means of supporting his family

S$675.00 Raised VERIFIED
33% of S$2,000.00
88days to go

Support an injured worker who needs to provide for his family

S$750.00 Raised VERIFIED
41% of S$1,800.00
88days to go

“I do not want to accept my fate without trying. I want to live on for my children.”

S$8,500.00 Raised VERIFIED
42% of S$20,000.00
149days to go

Migrant worker with permanent eye injury needs help to support his family in Bangladesh

S$660.37 Raised VERIFIED
36% of S$1,800.00
88days to go

Help an injured Sazzad to continue supporting his family while he recuperates

S$653.00 Raised VERIFIED
33% of S$1,940.00
88days to go

Diagnosed with end-stage cancer, Wirat worries about supporting his family

S$8,937.78 Raised VERIFIED
43% of S$20,400.00
272days to go

Migrant Worker Giving Circle

S$10,939.04 Raised VERIFIED
21% of S$50,000.00
394days to go

Spreading kindness and love to our migrant brothers

S$851.00 Raised VERIFIED
1% of S$50,000.00
60days to go

Project Building Bridges supports Migrant Workers

S$2,409.00 Raised VERIFIED
48% of S$5,000.00
29days to go

“I never expected to receive him back this way”: Families of recent accident victims struggle with grief

S$16,076.00 Raised VERIFIED
10% of S$150,000.00
29days to go

Support a stroke victim who needs to support his family

S$7,432.26 Raised VERIFIED
72% of S$10,200.00
149days to go

Help support a family who lost their sole breadwinner to cancer!

S$5,908.36 Raised VERIFIED
70% of S$8,400.00
29days to go