Migrant Workers

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“I am in great pain every single day since the incident. Thinking about my children keep me alive.”

S$100,810.87 Raised VERIFIED
95% of S$105,343.86
163days to go

Left jobless, Miah Milton is unable to support his family back home

S$1,175 Raised VERIFIED
53% of S$2,200
71days to go

Near-death tragedy in dormitory left 31 year-old bedridden

S$5,590 Raised VERIFIED
53% of S$10,400
10days to go

A heart disease left a sole breadwinner in great distress

S$1,935 Raised VERIFIED
70% of S$2,750
71days to go

“A metallic wall lighting fixture fell on me and now I can’t work”

S$1,420 Raised VERIFIED
47% of S$3,000
102days to go

Help Shakil and his family of 14 with living expenses

S$2,020 Raised VERIFIED
96% of S$2,100
102days to go

Painful fracture in Tanvir’s back and ribs left him with no job to feed his family of 5

S$1,800 Raised VERIFIED
60% of S$3,000
102days to go

“A broken thumb cost me my job.”

S$1,480 Raised VERIFIED
45% of S$3,240
102days to go

“I all time thinking my family, thinking my life.”

S$1,440 Raised VERIFIED
48% of S$3,000
102days to go

Help Khan Elias get back on his feet

S$1,320 Raised VERIFIED
38% of S$3,420
102days to go

Please donate to an injured breadwinner who was denied treatment

S$1,920 Raised VERIFIED
45% of S$4,200
71days to go

Happi Dance x Ray of Hope

S$10,409 Raised VERIFIED