Migrant Workers

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“A broken thumb cost me my job.”

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“I all time thinking my family, thinking my life.”

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Help Khan Elias get back on his feet

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Please donate to an injured breadwinner who was denied treatment

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Help a sole breadwinner with bile duct cancer undergo surgery

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Suffering from kidney failure, Zhao Hui is no longer able to support his family

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“For almost two years, I did not have much to give my family,”

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Give hope to Mr Li as he works towards rehabilitation and recovery from haemorrhage

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An injured Anisul lives in distress with no means of supporting his family

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Support an injured worker who needs to provide for his family

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“I do not want to accept my fate without trying. I want to live on for my children.”

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Migrant worker with permanent eye injury needs help to support his family in Bangladesh

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