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Campaign Story

The Struggle

Ray of Hope previously assisted Ahmed and raised $1,320 for Ahmed and his family. His wife has since given birth and like all fathers, Ahmed was looking forward to meeting his first child. He was filled with high hopes and was looking forward to reuniting with his family after being separated from them for a long period.  Unfortunately, the process of seeking recourse to turn into a daunting nightmare with no end in sight as his appointment with MOM on his compensation matters was abruptly canceled, allegedly by his employer. It was just months and months of waiting. Ahmed told us that he misses his family dearly, and feels extremely apologetic towards his wife who is the caregiver of their newborn as well as to Ahmed’s elderly parents. Ahmed’s father, who is in his late sixties, has been unemployed and Ahmed’s mum has been paralyzed since the onset of stroke years back. The family is also in debt of close to S$13,000 for their living arrears and loans from friends and relatives.

Ahmed is currently undergoing TCM and physiotherapy treatments offered by a migrant worker advocacy organization in hope of nursing his health back quickly, and his back injuries have gotten better over the past months. However, his family continues to run in debts for their living arrears, without knowing when the financial situation at home would take a change for the better when Ahmed receives his compensation.


Financial Breakdown

Although Ahmed has approached the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) to seek compensation from his employer, he understands that it will take months before MOM reverts to him with an answer. The helpless worker appeals for assistance so that he is able to remit some funds back and to be able to have some living expenses while he awaits an outcome on his compensation claim.

Hence, ROH would like to raise $1,320 ($440 x 3 months) for Ahmed’s living expenses so that he can continue sending some money back home to his family as well. Your donations would give hope to the helpless worker who looks forward to reuniting with his family.


*Ray of Hope case workers have cited medical documents provided by Ahmed. However, they will not be published as he is currently awaiting closure on his MOM compensation.

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