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Chris is a playful 6-year-old and was diagnosed with autism at 2.5 years old. Although he was born in Singapore, he’s on a Dependent Pass with his mother, and all of the doctors’ fees, therapies, school fees are foreigner rate/unsubsidized.

Last August 2020, Chris manifested new behaviors of aggression and self-harm. He was hitting his own head and having meltdowns multiple times a day, sometimes every few minutes. The family sought help from a psychologist, an osteopath, and another doctor who did EEG and found out in October 2020 that he has paroxysmal activity in the brain (painful pre-seizures). His problems were not caused by genes but primarily by outside factors like hypoxia-ischemia (the doctor said there was a lack of oxygen in his brain at his birth). The doctor did give Chris a good prognosis if they can do more therapies like 1:1 speech therapy, 1:1 occupational therapy, continue osteopath (2-4x a month), on top of his current schooling (his parents bring him to a SPED school from 9.30 am to 3.30 pm from Monday to Friday). It’s also ideal that he continues going to a neurologist. However, these are very expensive.

Currently, the expenses for Chris’ fees are already eating up the family budget. However, with hope on the horizon, hearing about a better prognosis for their son, and with the prodding of their doctor, they decided to seek help with Ray of Hope. The parents, including an elder sister and helper, are lovingly praying for Chris, so he does not suffer anymore from the paroxysmal activities in his brain, which also affected his speech.

Ray of Hope would like to raise S$2,640 to help Chris with his weekly osteopath sessions for the next four months (S$660 x 4 months). 

*Chris and his family are not receiving any other public/ government assistance.

  • July 15, 2021

    Continue helping Chris to defray his treatment cost

    Dear donors Ray of Hope simply cannot thank you enough for your invaluable contribution to helping Chris with his EEG and osteopath treatment previously! Since his EEG and osteopath sessions, his parents noticed that it has helped with Chris’s pre-seizures and self-harm behaviours. According to Chris’s psychologist, Christ needs to…
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  • February 16, 2021

    Rechanneling of Funds

    Thank you dear donors for helping defray costs for treatments for Chris. We have been faithfully going to the osteopath sessions but the latter sessions did not seem to help him. In our quest to find help for Chris, we have also started going to another doctor at IHC since…
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