April 21, 2020

A message from Susanne, Suma's employer

Dear Friends and Donors, my family and I thank everyone of you for your generiosity and kindness to my family and helper Suma.

Just as much as i want to air ambulance her back to her family and for her to continue her treatment there, unfortunately due to Covid 19 there was a delay from the hospital in Semarang sending the letter of acceptance of admission for Suma to the hospital here to do the transfer While waiting for the letter to arrive, Suma’s condition did not stabilize and has worsen.

Four days ago on 17 April 2020, Doctor did another life saving surgery on her as the tumour has grown bigger and is pressing the nerve connecting to her vital organs. It was a 6 hour surgery. Suma is still in the unresponsive stage since she was wheeled out from the surgery. She is still in ICU.

Suma’s daily hospital bills continue to escalate as long as she is still not discharged. As at 18 April 2020, there is an outstanding of $80,166.37 owing to the hospital. SadIy I cannot afford to pay such a huge sum. The estimated bill size for the medical cost is estimated to exceed $100,000. Her insurance is capped only at $30K. There is also a fee of US$20,000 quoted to me for air ambulance. Therefore I am appealing for help to raise the amount to settle her medical cost treatment and air ambulance cost.

Please continue to pray for her that she will be well and the logistics arrangement in air ambulance transfer to speed up so she can be back home soon with her family and to continue treatment.

Thank you and God bless,
From Susanne Ho, Suma’s Employer

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