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Campaign Story

The Struggle

Madam Florence, 73 years old, has been the caregiver for her husband (Mr Chua) ever since the onset of his stroke more than 20 years ago. Mr Chua, 83 years old, was a former draughtsman and a badminton player when he was well and was working to support the family. Since his stroke, Mr Chua was certified permanently disabled and medically unfit for employment, and this was a huge blow to him. When the case workers met Madam Florence, she recalled and shared with us the numerous incidents when he tried to attempt suicide as he was unable to deal with the huge blow of suffering from stroke.

Since Mr Chua stopped working more than 20 years ago due to his ailing health, Madam Florence has been desperately seeking assistance. Madam Florence and Mr Chua have 4 children and are currently staying in the HDB flat, paid for by their children. However, they are unable to support Madam Florence and Mr Chua in terms of their daily living expenses after paying for the house mortgage, utilities, phone bills as well as for a helper who is helping to take care of Mr Chua. Over the months, Madam Florence has exhausted her means – from applying for public assistance to street busking until she was asked to leave by the building management. Since she was asked to leave, Madam Florence has stopped busking on the streets.

Medical conditions

Besides stroke, Mr Chua also suffers from severe eczema every night, as well as diabetes, high blood pressure and is currently on soft diet. Over the years, the caregiving duties for Mr Chua has also taken a toll on Madam Florence’s health as she also diabetes and hypertension and underwent a knee replacement surgery back in 2006.


Financial Breakdown

Ray of Hope would like to raise $1,800 ($300 x 6 months) for Madam Florence and Mr Chua’s groceries expenses. NTUC vouchers will be purchased for them. Your donations will give a helpless caregiver and her bedridden husband some encouragement and the hope to fight another day in their lives!


*Madam Florence is currently receiving some assistance from a foundation.



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Donated $100.00 August 06, 2019

Take care Mr Chua and Mdm Florence!! Ellie the black Cat & Carl the pink rabbrits