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Campaign Story

This campaign started as a collaboration between Covid19 Migrant Support Coalition x Shabir Music Asia and in collaboration with 24 Asia


What is WeEat about:

Phase 2 has been very difficult for hawkers in places located at business districts and who cater primarily to office workers. At the same time, migrant workers may not have had the opportunity to taste the various ranges of hawker food found in Singapore. Migrant workers are currently not allowed to go outside of their dormitories apart from work and they have not been able to come out into our community since the last circuit breaker. This has affected their mental health and well-being as they are not able to engage in previously enjoyed community activities.


Intended outcome:

For the hawkers located at business districts:

1. Tangible economic support through bulk ordering (Budget approx $450-500 per hawker stall, for 20 hawker stalls)

2. Publicity for their businesses during the month of June, 2021

3. Many hawkers share that they love cooking and it is their passion. These orders would hopefully create opportunity for the hawkers to stay engaged in purposeful activity

For the migrant workers:

4. We hope to build a bridge between our community and our migrant brothers through food exchange. We would love to expose them to our hawker culture and to let them taste food items they may not have tried before

5. Workers who have received our food will engage in an online program to learn more about the history of the cuisine and where their food came from


Who we are:

Covid19 Migrant Support Coalition:

Established on 6 April 2020, the COVID-19 Migrant Support Coalition (CMSC) is a fully volunteer-run group-up initiative that started as a collaborative effort between a few smaller migrant workers supporting groups, together with other like-minded volunteers, to meet the needs of our migrant friends affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. To this end, we also actively engage their dorm operators and employers, the relevant Ministries as well as the wider public, so that the issues can be dealt with through a multi-sector perspective. The effort is a highly collective one, and we believe that everyone has a part to play.


Shabir Music Asia

Headquartered in Singapore, Shabir Music Asia is a music & sound production house with a 15-year track record of producing premium audio, hit songs, and delivering exceptional sonic experiences in Singapore, Malaysia and India. Mooted by founders, Shabir and Buvan, the dynamic duo envisioned SMA to be a collective where people with similar ideologies came together with a goal to create exceptional soundtracks, digital media content and initiatives that can change lives. The musicians behind SMA are a group of individuals who are committed to contribute to society through various ways. SMA has provided free music and arts education to at-risk youth who come from low-income backgrounds and has provided financial support to organisations that bring change to the community such as Genesis School Singapore and Seed School in India. Shabir Music Asia previously collaborated with CMSC to produce LETTERs, a series of music videos aimed to bring cheers to the lives of migrant workers through messages of strength, resilience of faith, with inspiring words by significant poets.

In collaboration with:

24 Asia

Nazmul Khan runs “24asia” the platform which has 115k Facebook followers (https://www.facebook.com/the24asianews) at present and reached around 22 countries audience. He wants to promote Singapore and Singapore migrants to 100 and more countries of the world. He believes that we have so many success stories in Singapore which can be share to 100+ countries to inspire many others. His Live shows are watched from 20+ countries and reaching more day by day. He collaborates with CMSC to run Wetalk, a cultural and language exchange platform between Migrant workers and Singaporeans.

  • July 26, 2021

    Reached out to 2,000+ migrant brothers!

    It’s been close to 2 months since WeEat started. 2,108 brothers have tried our local delicacies, which includes dosai, nasi goreng ayam, bawah penyat, rojak and many others! We have supported 14 different hawkers from hawker centres located at the Central Business District (CBD) with about $500-$1000 given to each…
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  • June 14, 2021

    Extended campaign and raised crowdfunding goal

    We are so thankful that our $10,000 goal has been reached! To date, we have distributed 1141 hawker orders to 941 migrant brothers living in dormitories all over Singapore. We spent $5004 in orders and have supported 9 hawkers from various food centers located at the Central Business District (CBD)…
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