Single Parents

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“I really feel like I am encountering countless hurdles at every stage in my life. But I want to put my best foot forward for my children.”

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Single Parents Giving Circle

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Single Mum of 3 needs your help, her youngest child has Stage 4 of a rare cancer

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“I was working as a packer before I lost my job after the company decided to cut down on the staff. I am so worried about having no food or milk and diapers. We need money for everything.”

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I’m struggling because of my medical needs. I skip my meals so that at least my son gets to eat.”

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“I had to stop work due to Covid-19. I am worried about how to put food on the table for my two teenage children now”

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“My son was looking forward to celebrating his birthday this month. But he knows that it is hard for me now and does not make any requests”

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“I am racing against time to look for a job so that my children don’t suffer in debts.” 

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Help a visually-impaired single mum who’s unable to work

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Help support a single mum while she’s transiting to start a new life with her children!

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“I don’t have much to offer but I want to give my son the best of what I have”

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“My parents may be working but I know it’s hard for them, so I got to find a way out for me and my children”

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