Single Parents

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Help a single mother support her five young children!

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“My priority is always my children. I have to protect them no matter what.”

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Help lighten the financial burdens of a struggling single mother

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“There are days where I am only left with 40cents in my wallet,”

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Please donate to Mdm Halijah, an isolated 70 year-old, who needs help with her grocery expenses!

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Single Parent Giving Circle

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“My only wish is to provide my son with the best life possible,”

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Help Humaiza as she supports her son single-handedly

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“I’m struggling and crying a lot everyday. I’m only hanging on for my grandson who needs me.”

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Help a single mother and her 3 children build their new home

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Help caregiver Mdm Halijah with her family’s grocery expenses

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After countless abuse, the single mum is hopeful to start fresh

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