Single Parents

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Help support a single mum while she’s transiting to start a new life with her children!

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“I don’t have much to offer but I want to give my son the best of what I have”

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“My parents may be working but I know it’s hard for them, so I got to find a way out for me and my children”

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“I hope to find employment soon, so that we don’t need to rely on social assistance.”

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Help Mdm Nur and her son start their lives afresh

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Abused mum with 3 children struggles with daily needs

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Elderly who is unable to work needs long-term help

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“My grandchildren eat instant noodles almost daily. I cannot afford them proper meals after their mother abandoned them”

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“We eat maggie four times a week. The best meal for my daughter is a $2.50 plate of economical rice.”

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“My children eat maggie mee with me on days when there is no food at home.”

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“When I have no money and I can tell that my children envy others who can eat good food. But what can I do?”

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“Although I only have ‘N’ Levels, but I still want to be a good mum to my children even though it means doing this all by myself.”

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