Special Needs

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Give hope to a caregiver, Ashura and help lighten her load

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89% of S$2,050.00
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Special Needs Giving Circle

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19% of S$50,000.00
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Abused single mum with two autistic sons needs your help to start afresh

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“Raising two young children with 1 having special needs is difficult, but they are also a gift and our motivation”

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Help a visually-impaired single mum who’s unable to work

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“Auralis is a sweet boy who understands us. As his mum, I really don’t want him to be permanently deaf and mute.”

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“I took care of so many children, but they do not visit me or care that I am alive”

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Hongbao for Hope 2020

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My 7-year-old son would ask me, “Why am I different from my classmates?”

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“I had to choose between leaving my work and being there for my son who was hospitalized”

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She was recently widowed, but the single mum strives to provide her children with a better life

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