Special Needs

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Be Kind SG: Supporting special needs

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 “I may have suffered abuse, but I will be strong to protect my children.”

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5-year-old with a rare genetic disorder needs help with his therapy sessions

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“The transplant meant hope for my son, but it couldn’t happen. Now, we are afraid of the future.”

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“Caring for my younger son without much support is tough, but his smile makes it worthwhile.”

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Project Dedicates: Project for a Cause

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Happee Hearts Movement: Providing healthcare for persons with intellectual disability

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Send hope to Mdm Nisa and her family!

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“Giving up was never an option because my children needs me,”

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The hardships of a single mum to a child with autism

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7-year-old Chris needs your help with his treatments!

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A mother with a child suffering from VACTERL Association needs your help

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