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Campaign Story

Life has been an uphill struggle for the single mum

Unlike most mothers who can be there physically for their children, 31-year-old Kamisah struggles with her day-to-day living activities herself, after she was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy Dyskinetic and Ataxia Cerebral Palsy. Since then, she has been heavily reliant on her mum who has recently been suspected of diabetes. Kamisah shares a close relationship with her mum since her parents were divorced.

The journey of bringing her daughter up has been arduous for Kamisah without the financial and emotional support of her spouse since she lost him to an accident. The family of three used to rely on the primary income of Kamisah’s mum, Mdm Rokiah who recently started working as a cleaner, earning about $1,200. However, her mum’s health has recently taken a turn for the worst, and she has been unable to go to work with the swelling of her legs. With Kamisah being unsuitable for open employment and only earning a $20 workshop training allowance, the family is at their wit’s end to keep the family going.

Help Needed – Give Hope

The lifelong responsibility of caring for a child is often tiring, but the love of a mother for her child will always out-win the challenges that she may be faced with. Even with the little that she is able to provide for her child, Kamisah still chooses to be a strong mum in front of her child.

When we visited the family, we were almost immediately drawn to the positive vibes Kamisah sends through her smallest gestures. Although she was unable to verbalise her thoughts and requests clearly, she greeted us with a huge smile as she attempted to prepare herself for the interview. Like most mothers who are able to share physical interactions with their child, Kamisah still yearns to be able to support her daughter financially.

Financial Breakdown

ROHI is helping to raise $2,200 to help the family with their housing arrears. Please give hope and donate to help the resilient single mum and her family!

*The family is currently receiving financial assistance of $150 from the Social Service Office (SSO).

Donated S$2,200.00 June 13, 2019