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Mdm Jaya, aged 66, lives together with her eldest son and 3-year-old grandson. For more than 10 years, Mdm Jaya has been taking care of her 4 children single-handedly since her divorce. Mdm Jaya’s ex-husband was incarcerated and has not provided any form of emotional or maintenance to her for the children.

Throughout the years, the family had experienced significant life events that have taken a toll on Mdm Jaya’s overall health. Mdm Jaya’s eldest son who has had unstable employment, is currently undergoing divorce. Her second and third children do not contribute financially to the household as they are supporting their own families. Recently, Mdm Jaya’s youngest daughter had also dropped out from her Year 3 Polytechnic course and had moved out due to the family tension.

Mdm Jaya shared about the stress and she faces, including symptoms of depression that often leave her with a constrained mental bandwidth when things get overwhelming for her. This is largely as a result of the ongoing family tension and conflict. Sharing a close yet conflictual relationship with her children, Mdm Jaya often feels the strong responsibility to keep the family going despite her ailing health. In spite of her challenges, Mdm Jaya hopes to find employment when her health permits.

Hence, Ray of Hope would like to raise $3,400 ($680 x 5 months) to help Mdm Jaya’s family with their groceries expenses. Please donate to give hope to Mdm Jaya!


*Mdm Jaya is receiving financial social assistance.

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