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“My family is not doing well in Bangladesh but I cannot help them,”

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14% of S$2,660.00
105days to go

Migrant Worker Giving Circle

S$9,465.17 Raised VERIFIED
18% of S$50,000.00
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“I am the youngest in the family, but my mother needs me. I want to be able to support her.”

S$1,315.00 Raised VERIFIED
55% of S$2,360.00
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“I want to provide my family a good life and make my parents happy,”

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“I never expected to receive him back this way”: Families of recent accident victims struggle with grief

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7% of S$150,000.00
105days to go

“I have to recover and work soon because no one is supporting my family,”

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74days to go

An injured Alinur lives in distress with no means of supporting his family

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Unable to support his family who relies solely on him, Sohag loses hope.

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100% of S$3,180.00
13days to go

Helpless father of a 5-year-old struggles with pain after an accident

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13days to go

Main breadwinner who met with a nasty accident at work appeals for support

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An accident left Kibria helpless and worried

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Your donations can help Faruk and his family of 8!

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