Single Parents

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A plight of a single mother going through a difficult time

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Help Emilyn with her daughter’s nanny fees for 5 months while she focuses on securing her employment.

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Support a single mother of two as she upskills herself

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Support visually-impaired Mdm Yana so that she can continue with her dialysis. 

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Support Mdm Lia with her living expenses and daughter’s allowances for 4 months while she seeks employment.

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Help a single father keep his son in school

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“I have been staying strong for the sake of my kids”

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Help a single mother get back on her own feet

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Lights for Hope 2022

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Support a 20 year-old single mother of two while she upgrades herself

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Give hope to Mr Karupaiah, a 65 year-old who needs help with grocery expenses

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Help support a single mum as she starts a new life with her daughter

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