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Campaign Story

The Struggle 

It was his first offence. Navin, now 30, told us that he used to hold supervisory roles in an F&B restaurant and had worked for a good 10 years with a decent income of $1,900 until he came in contact with drugs – a mistake that he deeply regrets till today. Being put away for 20 months, Navin could not continue supporting his mum who works as a part-time portal in a hospital.

Quoting the 30 year old, “I feel bad for my mum who is all alone since her divorce. She works hard for us, and I want to show her that I can change”.


You can help him skill up and return to the workforce eventually

Amidst his regrets, Navin is determined to return to the F&B industry when he is discharged from the halfway house this August. With the help of his social workers, he has applied for a 6-week culinary course and has even been awarded scholarship for the course. Although his course fees have been taken care of, Navin is afterall still unemployed at this point and needs help with his living expenses and transport before he completes his culinary course.


Financial Breakdown

Ray of Hope is raising $750 ($250 x 3 months) for Navin’s living expenses while he focuses on completing his culinary course. Please donate to a sincere son who hopes to make it up to his mum and make her proud!


*Navin is currently not receiving public assistance.


Su Yuen Chin

Donated S$29.00 April 06, 2020

Go for your dreams Navin! You will succeed in making your mum proud of you! ^__^



Donated S$200.00 April 06, 2020


Tina Ho

Donated S$50.00 April 05, 2020



Donated S$50.00 March 30, 2020


Tianli Lee

Donated S$321.00 March 01, 2020

Really proud and inspired by you for turning your life over. May you be a blessing and a testimony to those around you. God bless


Zoe. L

Donated S$50.00 February 27, 2020



Donated S$50.00 February 27, 2020

God bless! May you be a blessing to more :)

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