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Campaign Story

“I made a mistake and my wife is suffering because of my mistake. I want to make it up to her by changing myself.” – Mr Thiru, 53.


The Struggle

Mr Thiru was working as a condo cleaner to support his wife with his nett income of $1,200. His Indonesian wife, who was awarded Long-Term Visit Pass was working as a cleaner until she suffered a fall at work last December, injuring her spine. To make matters worse, Mr Thiru was incarcerated when his wife’s LTVP was due for renewal. As a result, he could not submit the documents that were required for the renewal. Hence, instead of having a permit that allows her to seek employment, his wife now holds a Social Visit Pass and is unable to work.


Help Needed – Give Hope

Mr Thiru and his wife suffer from medical conditions such as cataract and diabetes. While Mr Thiru continues serving his time in the halfway house, he is supported by his case workers. He will also be attending courses to upgrade himself, as organized by the halfway house. Unfortunately, his wife is relying on their almost-depleting savings on for her daily expenses. She is also not eligible to apply for public assistance including medical subsidies due to her citizenship issues.

Mr Thiru admits that getting back on his feet takes time and courage, and the journey of re-acceptance is daunting, but he remains determined to work hard so that he can provide for his wife.


Financial Breakdown

Ray of Hope would like to raise $900 ($300 x 3 months) to help Mr Thiru and his wife with their living expenses. $150 will be for Mr Thiru’s expenses and $150 will be used to purchase NTUC vouchers for his wife. Please donate to give hope to Mr Thiru and his wife! 


*Mr Thiru and his wife are not receiving public assistance.



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Never give up !


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Keep fighting. Things will get better. God bless

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