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Baby Shamel wants a chance to walk and play, but he needs your help

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Be Kind SG: Play.Able

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Help lift the spirits of Mdm Halimah and her husband as they live day by day

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#HappilyEverAfter Fundraising Initiative by 3Pumpkins x Geneco

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Giving Hap-pea-ness

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Lights for Hope 2022

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Support a 20 year-old single mother of two while she upgrades herself

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Help lighten the financial burden of a grieving family

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Help support a single mum as she starts a new life with her daughter

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Alvin Soong: “Every step we take, no matter how little it is, will always come a long way!

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Christopher Loh: “Let us work together to change society with more kindness and opportunities for those who need it!” 

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Martin Lau: “I feel compelled to step out and do my part in helping this cause!”

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