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Migrant workers have been instrumental to the development of our country’s infrastructure. But beneath the flashy, towering monoliths that line our cityscapes, to the underground lines that power our smartphones and devices, the crisis that beset our migrant workers still goes unabated. From accidents to personal concerns to the pandemic that shook the world, it is our responsibility, as a nation, to ensure that the voices of our migrant workers do not go unheard.

These are the men who toil, rain or shine, to sacrifice towards the development of our country. These are the men who left their families back home and dreamt of improving their financial circumstances.

This is Hope Beyond Borders.


Rubel, all smiles despite what troubles him.

Rubel is one of the many migrant workers who took up a loan to work in Singapore. Though he left Bangladesh alone, the thought of his family accompanied him through his flight and through the toughest of days at the shipyard where he worked. For seven days a week, Rubel toiled through every day to send money back home, provisions for his elderly parents and the two daughters of his late sister. But on 21 February 2021, an accident completely changed his life. Due to delayed treatment and complications, Rubel is still unable to bend the fingers in his right hand, potentially taking him out of his job at the shipyard. Without work, his family back in Bangladesh may not be able to afford their living expenses. Home is but a flight away, but for Rubel, the only comfort he has in Singapore may just be you.


While we look to the skies, thinking of the possibility of a vacation, Mohiuddin shares with us what it’s like to commute to work on the back of a pickup truck in this video by our friends at The Best of You – Julie’s.


Hope Beyond Borders hopes to raise $4,500 for 15 migrant workers. It is a call to donors to help men like Rubel, Mukter, and Faruk feel that their well-being is always in the minds of Singaporeans. It is a show of empathy and of hope for the men whose current circumstances need them the most.

These are the 15 migrant workers who will benefit from this campaign:


As always, 100% of all your donations will go to our beneficiaries. Ray of Hope does not take a cut and ensures that all our cases remain fraudulent free. We value your contributions and verify every beneficiary to guarantee risk-free giving.

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