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Elizabeth Lau: “Do not lose hope. If you are determined, there is no obstacle too difficult to surmount!”

S$1,800 Raised VERIFIED

Be Kind SG: Help appreciate our healthcare workers with a specially created self-care journal!

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52% of S$4,000
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KampungKakis: daily essentials for 100 socially isolated seniors

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59% of S$3,000
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SG Assist: Help unsupported Singaporeans who are COVID+

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Your donation will help Karen and Ken get back on their feet!

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100% of S$2,000
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MSIG x Ray of Hope

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100% of S$7,000
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Support Rita whose livelihood was affected by Covid-19

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Your donations would greatly help a family struggling to get by!

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Hope Beyond Borders 2021

Hope Beyond Borders 2021

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100% of S$4,500
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Love through Food: migrant brothers x Social Collider

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Spreading kindness and love to our migrant brothers

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